In 2015, I wrote a monologue. I had never written anything in my life! During 2017 that monologue became a full-length play – Memories We Lost in the Fire. Memories is my first born and it will not be my last. We were lucky enough to tour this production during 2018, and were amazed by our audience’s reaction to every line and thought. I am forever grateful for the ride.


‘Belinda Clarke’s play is a witty, poignant and sometimes moving insight into the world of young people coming to terms with who they are and how they want others to see them.’ – GCN Magazine Entertainment -Brian Finnegan

"Belinda Clarke is going to be an important new voice in theatre"

Kathleen Warnock


A brand new play which tells the story of Charlie, Jenny and Taylor, three lives that become perilously intertwined.


We live in a world where there is increasing discussion surrounding the topic of sexual identity. Figures in popular culture have begun openly expressing their sexual identities outside of the visible heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual, expanding to the more reticent pansexual, polysexual and asexual. Young people consume pop culture now more than ever and according to statistics are much more likely to identify as such over the older generations. Representation of these identities is important, Memories We Lost In the Fire follows Charlie, a young person who finds himself in love with two people. His struggle to balance his feelings for both of them, a man and a woman respectively, although portrayed dramatically, this is a manifestation of the conflict that young people coming to terms with their identity face.

‘A powerful piece of young people’s theatre’

Dublin Gay Theatre Festival

Memories We Lost in the Fire has been our biggest project to date, and is the first production written, directed and produced by Leading Light Collective. During 2018 we have been on many wild adventures with Memories!  It has taken us to five venues, two scratch nights, two festivals and one launch! Meeting new people who have made a connection to the script has been the most rewarding feeling of them all.


It has also taken us to the 15th Annual International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival. Where we were introduced to some incredible creatives. This week was the most epic part of our Leading Light journey to date. And ended with us coming home with three nominations:


Intercultural Dialogue through Theatre for our Challenging of Stereotypes

Best Male Performance – Reon Mason

Best Ensemble – James Hallifax, Sofia Caley and Reon Mason

And one win for Best New Writing for our Belinda Clarke

2018 CAST


During the development of Memories We Lost in the Fire, two of our dear friends took the play to Los Angeles to perform a snippet at The Irene Ryan Competition 2018.


Irene Ryan provide acting scholarships, recognition, honour, and financial assistance to outstanding student performers wishing to pursue further education.


It was lovely to see how the play could be interpreted with two women, changing the written circumstances. We hope to continue our relationships with these ladies in the near future.








Memories We Lost in the Fire debuted at Bath Fringe Festival 2017 and ever since then it has been a crazy (but fun) rollercoaster that just has not stopped!

Thank you to these three amazing actors for kicking us off:

"Lots of tears and laughter and the best one-liner I’ve heard during the fringe."

BATH FRINGE 2017 ****